my name is sahan jayasuriya. i am a 2009 graduate of the university of wisconsin-milwaukee. i received my bachelor’s degree in communication, with a focus on interpersonal communication and public speaking. i want to be your intern.

why do i want to intern at sosh? because you are uniquely awesome, and you aren’t afraid to show it. from your office to your logo to how you choose to present yourselves, you’re showing the public that you’re modern and at the forefront of social media based marketing, but in a very real and modest way. read on and you will find that, much like yourselves, i too am uniquely awesome.


during my first year of college, i decided to put out a 7” vinyl record out of a complete love for vinyl records. i funded, promoted, marketed and distributed everything 100% independently, driven by the do-it-yourself ideology adopted by so many other independent record labels before me.  i personally assembled, hand numbered and mailed out every copy. after all was said and done, i sold through the entire pressing, and the record managed to make its way as far as australia, japan and the uk.

from 2007-2009 I was fortunate enough to have worked at atomic records, the world-renowned east side independent record store.  always on the cutting edge, we happily provided customers both old and new with the most current new releases, in addition to awesome in-store performances and hard-to find imports. after 24 years in the business, atomic sadly closed its doors in 2009. a short interview with me was posted on the matador records website in 2008.


since january 2012, i have been at third coast daily, a milwaukee based online arts and culture publication. i came on as a social media intern, promoting our stories through social media platforms like facebook and twitter. this was where a majority of our traffic originated, so learning how to do it in a unique and engaging way was crucial to developing our readership. when the internship ended in may, i was asked to come on staff as the full time social media manager. by june, i was training interns myself.

in addition to my social media work, i am also the head music writer at third coast daily. writing about music was a logical move for me, and since 2012 i have reviewed performances, conducted interviews with musicians, and even found the time to compile a lengthy oral history of die kreuzen, the legendary milwaukee rock band. above is a photo i took of low from their 2012 turner hall performance.

in my free time, i surround myself with all things music. i play drums and guitar, but i also tend to dabble a bit with piano, bass and electronics. if i’m not playing in a band of my own or sitting in for a friend, i’m probably in the recording studio, helping with the production and songwriting processes.


feel free to download my resume listed above. if you would like to get in touch, you can email me at thank you.